“Carbon on the valves”

Less than 48 hours before I touch down in (hopefully) sunny Phoenix….and the excitement is definitely building.  Not least because we’ve had thunder, lightning and torrential rain in the last couple of days here in Los Angeles.  I know we NEED the rain, just wish it would adopt the more English approach of gentile drizzle for hours, instead of creating a rather unsettling wish that my daily driver came with water-wings or a pair of oars.

Biggest news of the day has to be the launch of a Copperstate 1000 app for both iPhone and, in my not so techno-cool case, Android.  This will give my two avid followers (excluding Auntie Colleen & Maximus the Cat) an opportunity to follow the event.  I am car #23, sitting more than a little comfortably between a ’65 Shelby Cobra & a very handsome ’59 Aston Martin DB2.  Route information is limited, but we’ll be facing 300 plus miles on Sunday from Phoenix to Flagstaff.  Fortunately I packed a cooler in the back of the Egg, so we’ll have enough water to make it across the arid desert, or crazy mountainous switchbacks (you’re right….all complete guesswork, I have absolutely NO idea what I’m geographically talking about) without fear of mirage spotting.

Mechanical cousin has taken the news of the app quite well, although he couldn’t help noticing that I’m as old as the car I’m driving.  That’s the great thing about family members; they keep you real and have qualms about crossing those lines in the sand smarter friends know to simply step back from as quietly as possible.  Still, if all goes well I’m hoping we’ll be able to come up with an equally excellent adventure to embark upon sometime in the future….although as he’s older than me, the window of time for that may be somewhat limited 😉

Before packing her onto the truck, I was lucky enough to add one rather fabulous addition to the Egg’s finery; thanks to the unexpected generosity of one of my dearest friends.  A spectacular car emblem from an organization called “Automobile Club des Alpes”.  Guaranteed to add at least 10 mph to her top speed, I’m sure!

A couple of brilliant last minute tips have come in from Steve Wheeler & Octane…..

Steve was happy to hear about the toolkit, and suggested that as finishing touch I should “please add a couple of those cheap wire coat hangers…. they make workable exhaust mountings, or other brackets, they’re soft enough to bend with your hands, but strong.  I have even used one as a ‘jump lead’ in a desperate situation (don’t touch it gets hot!) I know someone who used one to get a set of keys out of a fuel tank!”

As my excursions with wire coat hangers haven’t advanced much past the classic Blue Peter Christmas decoration display, I am really hoping I won’t be faced with these particular situations; but truly appreciate the inventive and generous recommendation.

Octane (probably the best car magazine in the entire world) offered up a less complicated but just as valuable recommendation; “If you’re navigating, take half-a-dozen pens and put them in different places so you never lose them all!”

And then finally, as the now proud owner of a GoPro HD camera, I had wanted to impress the world with my test drive from last Sunday.  Alas, it seems that the blog world, or possibly just this neophyte blogger, has limitations on the type of videos that can be uploaded. So, tonight’s list has increased to include “set up YouTube channel for random clips of old cars, so I can generously share the whole experience with Colleen and the cat”.

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  1. Ooh – a Hero camera! Want….

    1. Do it…..they are so great, the picture quality is amazing.

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