“And in closing, your Honour…”

Thursday…back to LA, the egg diagnosis and a very long conversation with my mechanical cousin (who finally conceded there may be something to my note on the door approach after all).  Before I’d completed my description of our first hairpin bend I could tell that Copperstate has all the elements needed to make it an annual family affair in future!!

Throughout this event, I met and enjoyed conversations with so many fantastic people, who came from virtually every state across the country.  Arizona obviously claimed a high percentage, but places as far as Vermont, Nebraska, Alberta and Florida were all represented; and their cars also equally diverse.  Extensive racing histories interspersed with engineering or design pedigrees, the need for speed being chased by armchair comfort and a solid 45 mph.

However, despite the variety, I have to point out that this type of event is a great leveler as all entrants share one common theme – proud custodian of a vintage car (or two, maybe more) that deserves only to be enjoyed and DRIVEN!  We all understand that we’re just caretakers, and our shared appreciation ensures that no matter the differences (cultural, geographical or economic), there’s a wonderful camaraderie that cannot be manufactured.  Whether being able to drive up the hill without the navigator pushing or just slipping into the jet stream of someone else’s acceleration, every evening consists of shared moments from that day.

And the Copperstate organizers not only share our enthusiasm, they encourage it – in the best way possible – by providing four gloriously crazy days that ensure each entrant leaves wanting more!

I headed over to TRE yesterday for an Egg update and to announce my next round of good news/bad news…

Although the final prognosis was still under discussion, the boys were confident that the Egg was marginally cracked, rather than fully scrambled.  Clearly there’s an issue with the fuel, but as she was only intermittently misfiring and losing power, they wanted to keep her under observation for a few more days. So, we turned to my other issue:

Good news…I had a bloody brilliant time!!

Bad News….I’ve realised my driving needs improving

Good News….next stop Autocross (Jeremy is an instructor)
More good News…which can only lead to performance driving lessons (please see Dave c/o Porsche Owners Club)

So, clearly I’m going to be busy between now and April 2013~~!!

2 responses

  1. Thank you for taking me along with you, I enjoyed every minute! And what a writer! Sublime!
    Yours faithfully,

    1. Thanks for your kind words…looking forward to seeing you soon xxx

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