Copperstate 2013 – Saturday set-up

Yet another sunny day in California as the mechanical cousin and I set off to Burbank Airport.  One quick hop, skip and jump later thanks to the ever-happy Southwest crew and we arrived in Phoenix, ready to finally start our really big adventure.

Arriving at Tempe stadium, we found The Egg already placed on the field, sitting proudly between a Citroen SM & Lotus Seven.  The number of entrants this year is considerably higher, and includes another broad collection of automotive highlights. We wandered the field, taking in some unique and unusual combinations of marques, curves and pedigrees.  If automotive porn exists, we’d certainly stumbled on it.

This year’s rally number is 64.  Not what I’d initially expected, but an excellent vintage and in retrospect a perfect selection…our new (get) lucky number. We signed in, asked a very nice man to apply number and name decals, and proceeded to meet some of the other entrants.  For me, it was a fun reunion with a few people I met last year, as well as a combination of excited first timers and returning attendees.  Without question, there is a school reunion vibe about this event…but of the best kind.  We were all in the same class, with the same kooky interests; and are happy to share those same aspects again even though we’re all considerably older!

Cocktails and dinner at the Phoenix art museum, with a chance to explore their latest exhibits.  It’s a relatively new museum, only opened in the mid sixties – but they have an impressive collection of contemporary art; definitely worth visiting if you find yourself in the city.egg1 egg2 egg3 egg4 egg5

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