No Monday morning blues here…..

Monday morning, quick update.  Rumours of possible rain and snow conditions were heard in casino corners last night; which adds to the thrill of the event.

We’ll be heading to Sedona this morning, and the possibility of presenting my California car with real English weather is exciting.  This may seem to be an oxymoron, as she has languished in the sunshine for so many years, but don’t forget that under that bonnet (really that should read “boot” as it’s rear engined) there beats the heart of a true European.  You can’t sped through mountain passes or tear around race tracks over there if you’re not prepared to switch on the windscreen wipers now and again

I realise that my anticipation may not be shared with all parties – there are a number of convertibles on the  event, including a Lotus Seven that seems to have two speeds (stationary or very, very fast) – but, if we were looking for a more docile driving experience, this is not what any of us would have signed on to.

Off for now, as the coffee beckons!

3 responses

  1. Have fun and good luck! Lisa

  2. Hey Catherine,

    I’m really enjoying reading your Copperstate 1000 Blog again, even though I’m now twice as envious!

    How fortunate and considerate the Egg’s internals should decide to scramble before, and not during the rally. Certainly a last minute drama you could have done without, although the rebuild and improved performance must have given your confidence in her completing the whole 1000 miles a huge boost. And now I can barely imagine how fabulous it must feel, driving through that spectacular scenery, especially as we’re still shivering over here in Blighty.

    Thanks for the photos… I love that two-tone Allard K2 but what a shame he lost his bonnet. And who in their right mind would paint an Aston Martin DB3S… Orange?!!!

    Have a great second half of the rally and keep those photos coming.

    Best wishes,

    Henry xx

    1. The orange really looks fantastic up close and personal! This year’s route was so much better, and you’re right….The Egg performed effortlessly!

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